Meet our strategic partners

Strategic business relationships aim to multiply the value clients realize. Strategic business relationships with the right companies also fuel Time-in-State's (TiS) success. This allows us to keep evolving in what we do and delivering value adding services.

Strategic relationships have been formed with SKF, MTech Industrial, SDG Technologies, Delta Optic and Control System Integration. All companies operate independently, however, collaboration takes place where applicable to offer / enhance solutions to clients.


M-Tech Industrial:

M-Tech Industrial utilizes Time-in-State® and Flownex® (in combination and separately) to offer solutions to clients.


Condition monitoring and performance management of rotating equipment.

SDG Technologies:

SDG Technologies design, construct and install protection systems for geared mill drives at mines.

Control System Integration (CSi):

CSi offers consulting, engineering, support, training services to industry.
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Innovation Digital Technology SpA

Licensed to market, implement and support Time-in-State in Chile and the rest of South America.
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