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SDG Technologies

SDG Technologies has been established in 1999 by Paul van Zyl, an electronic engineer known for his knowledge both in the electronic and electrical fields.

Marinus and his team does the software development to make AMR possible.

In the metering field, SDG Technologies focusses on the hardware for AMR systems

Automated or remote metering of
electricity and other utilities

About us
 Supply of hardware and software for the interface of electricity metering with SCADA system in a factory environment (130 000kVA)(2009)
 Supply of hardware and software for electricity metering and communication in a mixed occupation (residential and offices) development (reducing 7000kVA to 4500kVA with load management)(2009)
 Specialized optocoupler units for interfacing Digital Fault Recorders (DFRs) to the protection panels protecting the highest voltage power lines in South Africa. (765kV, 400kV and 275kV typically.)
 Distributed remote terminal units counting the metering pulses in some of the largest high-density metering sites in South Africa, for example, Menlyn and Greenstone shopping centres.(2009 – 2012)
 Install 3 Mill Safe Start units in Ghana at the Tarkwa and Damang mines. (2010-2011)
 Supply hardware and accompanying software to switch off lighting in shops of the EDCON group at night to save power. The switching units are known as Building Management Remote Terminal units (BMSRTUs) and the software to remotely control these units, is incorporated in PnP Scada. (2013)
About Mill Safety Start

The strength of steel limits the maximum feasible size of a geared grinding mill. Geared grinding mills today push these limits. Extra care therefore needs to be exercised to minimize the torque transients and shock loads these giant geared mills are subjected to. The two biggest transient events that a geared grinding mill is subjected to are torque spikes during start-up, and a dropped charge incident, also called a drop charge. The Mill Safety Start System calculates the ore angle in real time during the start-up, and the mill is tripped if the ore is cemented, before it can drop and damage the mill bearings and structure. By recording the rotor currents at start-up, comprehensive liquid resistance starter performance analysis can be done, ensuring the early detection of liquid resistance starter problems and enabling corrective action to prevent damage to electrical motors, gearboxes, pinion gears and girth gear.

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