Royal Bafokeng Platinum

Royal Bafokeng Platinum (RBPLAT) is a 48% black-owned and controlled, mid-tier platinum group metals (PGMS) producer originated from a joint venture between Anglo American Platinum and Royal Bafokeng Platinum (RBH) known as the Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine Joint Venture (BRPM JV)


Royal Bafokeng Platinum's operation at Rasimone generates huge amounts of data - RBPlat identified the need to extract latent information from process data with the aim to facilitate operational performance improvement. Experience based knowledge is biased because cause-and-effect relationships are distorted - distortions occur because process changes and distortions take time to propagate through the process.

Multiple sources can introduce process disturbances and there is a time lag before disturbances are observed in downstream processes. Without the ability to interpret data it is very difficult to determine where the disturbance originated and secondly what the cause of the disturbance was. Operational personnel consequently form opinions that contain only elements of truth. RBPlat required a platform that consistently interpret data and visualize results in a format that delivers team learning.

From an equipment performance point of view RBPlat expressed the need for early warning of deteriorating performance in order to facilitate condition based maintenance on certain equipment. 

A prerequisite of the big data and IoT project was that it has to align with and support their '14 Elements of a World Class Journey' management objectives.


The first activity aimed to quantify operational risk exposure - Time-in-State®(TiS) Analytics indicated that the Primary Mill & Classification circuit complied with the Optimum Operating Envelope (OOE) definition for 40% of the time. Time-in-State® identified specific issues around density management within the milling circuit as well as gearbox conditions.

Visualization of conditions assisted the client team to gain insight into latent variable inter-relationships. Time-in-State® presented early warning of deteriorating gearbox conditions more than 20 days in advance. The technology also successfully detected conditions that could have resulted in a mill overload - the latter facilitated timely corrective actions.


“Time-in-State®(TIS) provided the needed technology and services that identified specific operating and equipment conditions that is associated with higher performance.”


Time-in-State®(TiS) helped prevent major process interruptions averting multi-million dollar losses. Royal Bafokeng Platinum subsequently signed a long term agreement with Time-in-State. 

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