Who are we?
We are passionate about data interpretation and the value it can add to your business.

We work side-by-side with you to increase your operation's efficiency and effectiveness. By combining our technology and experience with your process data and knowledge deliver solutions that increase profit while minimizing operational risk. We hold the key to you accomplishing your goals and we are excited to share it with you.  

So, what would your goal be?

To use data collected within your operation for gain? You are on the right page! Effective use of data delivers immediate benefits for the process, productivity, effectiveness, financial performance, maintenance and asset performance. You grasped the value of data - outstanding is a recipe to convert the data into a product that will enable you to reach your goal with the lowest possible risk exposure.

Understanding data

The volume of data to your disposal may, unfortunately, also be an obstacle! How will you ever be able to translate the gigabytes of data into useful and timely information? Reaching your goal might seem more improbable by the minute. You are already imagining the potential lost and frustrations gained by your failure to reach the goal. This is where we like to jump in with our guidance.

How we can help

The solution to overcoming your obstacle = Time-in-State®. The design and functionality of Time-in-State® enable your project team to actively participate in discovering data patterns that describe your plant's behavior and performance. Data patterns facilitate a systems / modular view of complex processes and consequently enables extraction of cause-and-effect relationships. Our projects deliver knowledge discovery and innovation.


Why not let us help you in this journey by offering you Time-in-State® solutions to ensure future success for you and your operations?

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